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Posted: 12-Feb-2019

4 Best and Easy Ways To Make Your Nose Look Smaller

4 Best and Easy Ways to Make your Nose Look Smaller


The fast use of makeup, light and shadow is an idealy possible for visually “reshaping” your nose. This technique, however, requires creative skill and a practice is must for perfect results.


Bronzing is probably the second popular technique after the contouring. When it comes to changing the shape of your face or decrease the size of nose. Then use your bronzer and then eyeline-r brush.

Shift The Attention:

Smokey eyes or a little bit of pure red lipstick will point all the attention towards this attractive feature. Then drawing attention to the part of your face that you like most is easier than hiding that imperfection.

Find The Balance:

Al these makeup tips will work for wide noses but girls that have a sharp nose will need to the problem in different ways. Keep the makeup soft and finding the perfect balance is going to the best results.