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Posted: 21-Oct-2018

10 thousand adolescents of Lahore have sacrificed for protection of Prophecy over the beliefs: Ata al-Haimain al-Bukhaari.

LAHORE  Chairman of the Assembly Ahsan-ul-Islam Syed Ata Al-Haimari Bukhari, Prof. Khalid Bashir Ahmad, Syed Mohammad Kafeel Bukhari, Abdul Latif Khalid Cheema, and others Sayyid Ata Al-Ma'minin Bukhari said in 1934, Imam Ahsan Iqbal overtook all the makers on a platform.
And then the end of this movement, the Prophethood in 1953, has resulted in the result of the platform The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said.He said that on February 27, 1976, the Muslim leader came under the leadership of Rabbani Now that the Chenab Monitor.
He said that the power to eliminate or disable 295.C external NG 
Walking on OZD
Religious forces and political leadership should realize and realize.

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