Eleventh Annual Sand sculptures International Festival: Turkey

NEWS DESK:      Turkey:(Natalia): Annual Exhibition of Sand sculptures has been open in Natalia (Turkey).  In this international exhibition a large number of artist participate from different countries.This festival will continue until November. read more

Zardari and Musharraf will come to power

NEWS DESK:          Chief of Jamaat e Islami Siraj Ul Haq said that until the status change Nawaz Sharif, Zardari and Musharraf will come to power. He added to stop the chain of  registration responsibilities given to ministry of education and the raid on schools.He said that "I want unity in Pakistan religious read more

Now a days Corrupt People talk of corruption

NEWS DESK: Khawaja Muhammad Asif Said that Now a day's Corrupt People talk of corruption.He added that industry is running at zero load shedding.He said this while addressing PMLN youth wing in Sialkot.  read more

The court refused to hear arguments Musharrafs lawyer

NEWS DESK:  Special Court refuse to listen arguments of Farogh Naseem on former president Pervez Musharraf treason case.The court remarked Musharraf has declared advertising.The court ordered to interior ministry to reaffirm property of Pervez Musharraf. read more

Punjab government has ordered 56 thousand laptops

NEWS DESK:Punjab government has ordered 56 thousand laptops to divide in intellegent students.worth billians laptops would be duty after clearance to the punjab government.Punjab Governement will distribute these laptops to talented student. read more

Do not rely on a misunderstanding of the Panama case Maryam Nawaz

NEWS DESK:Do not rely on a misunderstanding of the Panama case Mayram Nawaz.She stimulated a new controversy on 02-03-2017 when she took to media to attack the authonticate of panama papers.   read more

labour day was observed in Pakistan last day

NEWS DESK: Labour day was observed in all over world last day 1st May.The purpose to observed labour day is to pay tribute to the workers sacrifices in achieving economic and right all over world.?Labour day is celebrated in all over world on 1st May every year. read more

Admission are now open in IBT

NEWS DESK:  Admission are now open.Institute of Business & Technology offers a wide range of Bachelors, Masters & PhD.Programs that challenge your mind and enhance your abilities to conquer your dreams. Apply online last date to apply is May 06, 2017 entry test will be May 07, 2017.Sunday open. read more