Single Female Elephant Died Of Lahore Zoo

NEWS DESK: Single female elephant (Suzi) of Lahore Zoo died last day.Lahore Zoo administration said Suzi was 35 years old and she completed her physical age.Suzi has complaint of pain in legs since last three days which she coudn't stand.Single Suzi was largest source of children enjoyment. read more

First time in Pakistan "Wrestling"

NEWS DESK: It's first time in Pakistan that wrestling began.First round of pro wrestling competition began from Karachi in which Badshah Pehalwan Kahn secured victory over Carlito on opening day.After Karachi successful event competition will move to Lahore and Islamabad. read more

Mostly hot day is expected In all over Pakistan

NEWS DESK:   Mostly hot and dry weather is expected in all over Pakistan. However, it will be hot in upper sindh, south and central Punjab.Thunderstorm, dust and rain is expected at isolated places like Malakund, Hazara and Peshawar etc. read more

Now a days Corrupt People talk of corruption

NEWS DESK: Khawaja Muhammad Asif Said that Now a day's Corrupt People talk of corruption.He added that industry is running at zero load shedding.He said this while addressing PMLN youth wing in Sialkot.  read more

Punjab government has ordered 56 thousand laptops

NEWS DESK:Punjab government has ordered 56 thousand laptops to divide in intellegent students.worth billians laptops would be duty after clearance to the punjab government.Punjab Governement will distribute these laptops to talented student. read more

Supreme Court orders to make JIT on Panama case

NEWS DESK: Supreme Court orders to make Joint Investigation Team (JIT). JIT will represent his report on Panama case in 60 days only. PTI & PMLN both are satisfied by the decision of Supreme Court. read more

MBBS Student Noreen Laghari Arrested With Terrorist

NEWS DESK:MBBS Student Noreen Laghari Arrested With Terrorist.About Two and half year ago MBBS student Named as Noreen Laghari was miss by Medical University.Now She was arrested with Terrorist no one knows that how this happen. read more

Time is to come when thousand of people like me will be killed by a poor man,Malik Riaz

Malik Riaz Said as per as Pakistan situation is now I Think A time will be come when thousand of rich people like me will be kill by poor man those who have no money,hungry and having no justice. read more