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Multani Sohan Halwa Recipe

How to Make Multani Sohan Halwa At Home


  • Milk 2 liter
  • White flour/maida 12 tbsp
  • Samak/wheat grains 4 tbsp
  • Sugar 2 cup
  • Green cardamom with skin 15 ground
  • Clarified butter 4 tbsp
  • Almond
  • Pistachio

Cooking Directions:

  1. Soak whole wheat grains for 24 hours at night when grow strain and then dry grains and grind into powder form.

  2. Mixed ground samak and then white flour along in dry form.

  3. Now boil milk and add flour, samak stir just to mixed by hand whisk, don't cooked too much.

  4. Afterward add 1/4 tsp of lemon salt and then curdle the milk. Do not mixed much so that dana remains solid.

  5. Cooked on medium flame, when get changed in color add 1/2 cup sugar and then green cardamom powder.

  6. Lets cooked string spoon. Now add 1 tbsp butter and cooked until oil comes out on surface and sohan halwa form hard texture.

  7. Now removed and sets like 1 inch thick sheet. Lets cool at room temperature and cut into pieces garnish with pistachio and almond.

Prep Time: 30 Min

Cook Time: 1 Hour


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Chef Tahir Chaudhry

Chef Tahir has got a lot of recipes like Chinese, Pakistani, Italian, Continental etc. His all dishes are very tasty. He brings a lot of taste in all type of dishes like vegetable and pulses. People like the most way he cuts the vegetable.


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